Personal Finance Lab

What is Personal Finance Lab?

Finance Lab is a combination of hardware and a customizable stock market game that integrates over 125 lessons and activities aligned to national standards.

When you add a Finance Lab to your school, you will have your students lining up in the hallway to take a class in your Lab.

You will be able to engage your Personal Finance, Economics, Social Studies, Business, and Math students with real-world applications in an exciting Wall Street-style classroom

Experiential Learning At Its Best!

Virtual Trading Software With Embedded Curriculum


Scrolling Stock Quotes and News Tickers


School-Branded Wall Street Data Screens


Our virtual trading site,, can be used to teach Personal Finance, Social Studies, Economics, Business and Math.   Teachers create a custom stock market trading contest for their class.   They also create an online “Assignment” by selecting from over 125 educational activities aligned to standards that their students must complete during their trading period. includes a Vast Education Center to watch videos, read glossary word definitions, read articles and experiment with financial calculators.

8 foot Ticker.

24 pixel 6” tall characters.

The ability to display graphics.

The ability to display 2 lines of data.

Requires only CAT-5 connection and 120V.

Includes built-in media player, mounting hardware and cable.


Intel Computer Stick pre-loaded with our customized data software turns any LED/LCD screen into a Wall St Data screen.   Display Quotes   Charts   News   Class Rankings.

Program Features

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Embedded Curriculum

Embedded Curriculum has over 25 lessons in each subject, with self-grading quizzes build on concept mastery

Streaming Portfolios

Students can trade real stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more from the US and around the world, keeping students engaged in market news

Real-Time Rankings

Compare portfolio returns over the past week, month, or the entire competition. You can also compare your risk-adjusted returns

Integrated Research

Get news, quotes, analyst ratings, historical prices, and option chains for every US security, plus much more industry and market research

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