Why Personal Finance should be taught in high school

Financial literacy

Financial literacy is used in order to make effective money management decisions. It is one of the most important aspects in one’s life. This is a skill that is gained through the years, it is a lifelong process. That’s why it is important to start building this knowledge in early stages of life. Unfortunately, personal finance is not a required subject in most schools.

When Students graduate, most of them don’t know how to setup a budget; they don’t understand the benefits of investing and saving or might not know how to deal with debt. Those kinds of things have a huge impact in their life. Money definitely affects how students will lead their future life. I would like young students to be prepared to make smart money decisions in whatever financial circumstances they encounter in their lives. That’s why I believe it is an important topic to be thought in school and should be reinforced at home by their parents.

Some of the most important topic every high school student should know include:



Budgeting is very important for students to plan how to wisely spend their money. It’s important for them to realise that debt plays a big role in the budget. Setting up a budget will ensure them that they will have enough money for the things they need and plan for the things they want. Budgeting will give students control over their money, will help them to be focus on their money goals and will facilitate them to organize their spending and savings; at the end they will be able to produce extra money by eliminating unnecessary expending.

Credit Card Usage

Once students are old enough to get a credit card, if they don’t know how to use it correctly it is just a matter of time for them to be immersing in debt. Having this into account, it is crucial for students to know how a credit card works, how interest rates are related to credit cards and how building a good history will have an impact in their future.


One of my favorite topics to teach my students is about investment. Teaching them the various ways there are to grow their money is vital for them to take full advantage of their resources.

Teachers and parents should provide kids with the knowledge that is necessary to make financially responsible decisions; those decisions are an integral part of one’s life. This will help people with the ability to provide for their future and avoid high debts. Financial education definitely benefits consumers of all ages and income levels. So let’s work together to create a more financial literate world.