Personal Finance Calculators

I wanted to teach my students how to calculate the most important financial decisions in their life; it was time consuming to go from one page to another looking for different types of personal finance calculators, until I found Howthemarketworks. In this website, you can find this entire list of calculators in one place. My students and I use it all the time; it’s a great tool to use.


Home Budget Calculator

A Home Budget Calculator is important to managing your home budget but a very challenging thing to do. There are expenses you must pay and new stocks to buy. So, you need a tool that can help you identify how much you can spend and how much to set aside for your saving. The calculator will help you compare your monthly expenses visa vis your income. It will also help you identify potential existing surplus or deficit. Click to find HOME BUDGET CALCULATOR.


Net Worth Calculator

Net worth is the value of all assets minus total liabilities. Put in layman’s terms, net worth is the value of what you owned minus your debts. A Net Worth Calculator helps to bring these numbers together to determine your net worth. It is the first step for financial planning. The calculator comes in handy by helping you organize your assets. The calculator will help you project how your assets can grow in the future. Calculating your personal finances is key to planning. It can help you understand the cost of loans. You will also understand how spending will affect your finances. If you have the correct numbers, you are likely to get better results.


Credit Card Payoff Calculator

As the level of credit card debt continues to rise, you should plan how you will control it. A credit card payoff calculator is the tool you need. It will help you pay off your outstanding credit card debt and stabilize your finances. Notice that credit card debt is still the number one source of financial issues to consumers. So, if you can work your way out to cut it, you will feel much better. You need a credit card Payoff calculator to do this. Click to find CREDIT CARD PAYOFF CALCULATOR.


Car Loan Calculator

It will help you know how much you can afford on auto-mobile every month. The calculator will put you in an excellent position to help you buy a new vehicle. It focusses more on what you will take home after car deductions. Also, it will figure out the terms, and much it will affect your budget. According to experts, you should not spend more than 20 percent of a monthly income on auto payments. Click to find CAR LOAN CALCULATOR.


Investment Growth Calculator

The calculator demystifies the concept of compound interest. What it means is that you no longer have to wait for decades. You will see how much your investment accounts will grow immediately. With this calculator, you will have a clear picture after keying in the necessary figures. It is true that no one can predict how the stock exchange will perform in the future. But the calculator will run various scenarios and help you see how the investment is likely to grow. So, for anyone planning to undertake some investment, the calculator can come in handy. Click to find an ADVANCED INVESTMENT RETURN CALCULATOR.


Buy vs Lease Calculator

Young people starting life must make up their mind whether to continue renting a home or buy one. Buying may look costly but it is usually a good choice if you can arfford it.  The decision to buy or lease needs supportive data. The buy or lease calculator is one of the tools that is invaluable when making this decision.  Click to find a BUY VS LEASE CALCULATOR.


Saving To Be a Millionaire

Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire. The problem is that few of us know what to do to make our dream come true. Saving to be a millionaire calculator and a little discipline is what you need to achieve that goal. It will provide various options for the amount of money to save, the length of time required and the interest rate needed.